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Diary of a Catholic School Dropout

"On the day she commits suicide, a young girl looks back on her life at what led her up to this horrific event — through the eyes of 8 different personalities." 

       Diary was an intense and remarkable experience. I submitted for an audition, and upon receive and reading the script, I read that the the character I was interested in sings the song Ne Me Quittes Pas by Jaqcues

Brel. I LOVE Jacques Brel and I absolutely love Ne Me Quittes Pas, so I was able to go through my audition much more confidently than usual.

     The cast of Diary was an incredibly diverse group of beautiful women whom worked diligently and efficiently, picking up choreography which was very intricate and precise  for this show.

     Diary was written & directed by Layon Gray, who was a remarkable director to work with. Layon writes and directs from his soul which illuminates through each character. Diary was not only a play but a deep artistic journey through spoken word, dance, music, masks, movement & metaphors. I look forward to other renditions of this play.

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