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As the COVID-19 pandemic struck the USA, film & TV productions came to a halt.

One day, Henry Zakka - actor, producer, and my boyfriend Yuri Rodriguez's good friend - called him up and said that he wanted to create a live show with him and their other friend, comedian Wilmer Ramirez.

I offered to help out in any way I could. One thing led to another, and I became a producer of In de House Live. A live show broadcasted on Mondays and Fridays via YouTube and Facebook Live.

I create all the promos, manage the Instagram page (which I'm very proud of btw), coordinate tech rehearsals with invited guests, direct the live shows and more.

One day, Yuri and me brainstormed ideas for new shows that could fall under this umbrella of being done "in de house," a popular trait of 2020.

We decided to turn the YouTube page from In de House Live to In de House Channel, and began working on the next show for this new channel....

With so many people stuck at home in quarantine, Streaming in de House was Yuri's idea of a show briefly touching on different series & movies available for streaming at the moment.

We film and edit everything "in de house."

The first episode aired on IN DE HOUSE CHANNEL on July 27th with the hopes of uploading a new video every Sunday - or so.

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