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Moon Live Entertainment & Sister Alchemy are thrilled to be producing a new event: Sounds of Heaven Harp Concert!

SOUNDS OF HEAVEN is not just a concert; it is a journey through the celestial melodies of the harp. Each string resonates with a history and every pluck echoes the soul of its artist. The harp, an instrument often associated with the ethereal realms, will be the centerpiece of this magical evening.

The vision is to showcase the diverse and rich tones of the harp, (Paraguayan, Llanera & Classical), an instrument that has been a symbol of lyrical beauty and harmony for centuries.

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Renowned artists from across the country will gather to share their unique interpretations and styles, making SOUNDS OF HEAVEN a mosaic of musical brilliance.

The concert will feature a range of harp music, from classical pieces that have stood the test of time to contemporary compositions that push the boundaries of this majestic instrument.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Support our Event

As independent producers, sponsors and donors are the backbones of our events and allow us to continue to support artists.

If you would like to become a pillar of this event, we invite you to become a donor. Your name will be listed in our program's special thank you page as a token of our appreciation.

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