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November 2019 Newsletter

A lot can happen in 3 years.

A lot of zero-blog-post-writing can also happen which clearly did... Whoops.

But any who, here I am again in hopes to pick back up on this blog as I'm setting a goal for 2020 to create a monthly newsletter with all that's happening in my artistic journey. If you're interested, sign up here!

So... 2016. Not only did I not move back to NYC, but I actually moved to LA. However, it was only after 3 successful years in Sunny South Florida.

During this time, I began dubbing at The Kitchen, I was featured in my first featured film, Trico Tri, followed by A Christmas Story and then Miami Bici, I did a whole bunch of commercials and then decided it was time to kick it all up a notch and go where the big players play - Los Angeles.

This was not an easy decision to make.

My sister and I were working consistently in Miami and we knew we'd have to start anew in LA. But at least now we felt we had some work in our belt - a resume and some demo reels. Much more than we had back in NYC.

So we bought a ticket to spend 2 months in LA and test the waters. Take classes, see how the West coast rolled and what area we could potentially move to in January. That was the plan...


We enrolled in The Actor's Connection 5-day intensive workshop, which included a showcase for commercial agents and a showcase for theatrical agents. This workshop took place our 2nd week in Los Angeles. For a full recap of this adventure, see my IGTV story.

One month into arriving in LA, my sister and I signed with CESD for commercial representation and I signed on with Daniel Hoff Agency for theatrical representation. We couldn't believe it !!!

Looks like we were staying in Los Angeles.

So after an extensive apartment search, we settled in to our new apartment and I began rehearsals for The Little Mermaid Musical which would perform in Anchorage, Alaska for a week in October. This was actually an audition I did in my first month in LA, before knowing for sure that I would actually be staying in LA.

The experience was an absolute dream come true:

Then I went to Peru this month. That was cool!

And now here I am, back in California getting ready to leave tomorrow to go to Miami to fly to Paraguay after tomorrow for a 2 week trip with the gang (aka my mastermind, aka my group of closest friends).

Stay posted for my next post on all my travels from this year (Guatemala, Puerto Rico, France, Israel, Jordan, Ukraine, Alaska, Peru, & Paraguay) and remember to sign up for my monthly newsletter!

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Los Angeles, CA

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