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February 2020: "Going in the hole!"

In my January Newsletter, I wrote:

"Hopefully the audiobook gigs keep rolling in."

And they did!


...and burnt out.

I had 3 weeks to record & edit 8 short children's book. So far so so so good.

Only I didn't gage my time properly, and I spent 1 week recording ONE of the EIGHT books.

So naturally, I had to work OVERoverOVERtime the last 2 weeks of February to reach my deadline on February 28th.

Lesson learned.

I'm very proud of the little home-recording-studio I built in the closet under our staircase.

However, it of course isn't a state-of-the-art fully soundproof recording studio, and any walking, talking, sneezing, coughing, cooking etc can be picked up by my super-mic.

So my sister and I came up with a system where we would yell out "GOING IN THE HOLE" prior to recording so that we both knew not to make a sound.

I spent most of February "in the hole," and nothing depicts that better than the messages from my sister and her boyfriend, Felipe, (my roommates) in our Mastermind chat:

Nonetheless, I did it! (Thank you Arami & Felipe for your patience).

Albeit I turned in the last book at 3am on February 29th.

I did the very best I could.

In other voice over booking news....

This month I also booked a dubbing project for a big streaming company!!

Dubbing, also known as Language Replacement, substitutes a target language with each person appearing on screen. Dubbing services are recorded by professional voice actors who mimic the expression, tone and lip sync of the actor on screen but in a different language. Source: https://www.future-trans.com/dubbing/two-sides-same-coin-dubbing-vs-voice-over/

Unfortunately, I can't yet disclose the show or streaming company since the season hasn't come out yet.

As actors with troves of NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) we hold more secrets than the CIA.

Hopefully I'll be able to announce this exciting project in next month's newsletter.

So those were my 2 bookings of the month, below is the rest of my February KPI:

In other non-work related news...

In last month's newsletter, I announced that my sister and I were donating our birthdays in February to charity: water .

We set a goal of $500, and we're SO excited to share that we doubled our goal!!! We have surpassed the $1,000 mark!

We're so grateful to everyone that donated.

The campaign will remain open for a few more months so if you still want to contribute it's not too late!

The more the merrier, click here to contribute.

The Month Ahead

Aside from auditioning, I look forward to lock back my habit routines which include exercise, meditating and reading; three things which were completely put aside to complete my audiobooks in time.

I look forward to posting some more exciting news next month!

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