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January 2020: Starting off strong

Hello, 2020!

And hello you beautiful human.

I hope your new year is off to an amazing start.

2019 was quite an exciting year. Arami and I moved to LA in July and after taking part in Actor's Connection: LA Connection Workshop, we signed with CESD for commercial and voice-over representation, and I signed with Daniel Hoff Agency for Theatrical representation!

The journey of 2,845 miles begins with a single mile.

After kicking off 2020 in Colombia with my family, I returned to Miami, packed all that I had yet to take to LA, loaded my sister's and my car and began the LONG and beautiful road-trip to Los Angeles.

Emphasis on long.

But after 3 nights and 4 days of driving, I made it home to Los Angeles, safe and sound.

And tired.

And cold! (for a Floridian)

But ecstatic to be home nonetheless .

Home Studio(s)

Once home in Los Angeles, I got straight to work building our little home-recording-studio with my boyfriend's help.

We built it in just a couple hours, and once built I got straight to work recording my 11th audio book for Audible - which I just finalized this week.

The studio looks GREAT !!! And it sounds great too.

While recording my audio book, I recorded a whole bunch of Voice Over auditions for my agents over at CESD.

Hopefully the audio book gigs keep rolling in. So far I've only recorded them in Spanish and I'm really hoping this is the year that I land my first English Audio Book!!

Arami flew in to Los Angeles just a few days after I arrived.

Once she was home, we got straight to work mounting our at-home-self-tape-audition-studio as the self-tape audition requests were coming in HOT.

Instead of taking down the self-tape-studio and putting it back up each time we got a new audition request (which we did too many times in the course of a single week), we have turned our backdrop into a room divider and our lights into, well... lights for our living room which we actually needed.

(Pro Tip: We just switch out our pretty golden lightbulbs for the fluorescent white ones whenever we have to record an audition.)

Want to build your own home studios? Check out my Amazon storefront with recommendations on products I'm currently using!

With our recording studio and self-tape studio up and running, this 2nd half of the month was filled with at-home auditions!

Voila my January KPI (aka Key Performance Indicator aka track of my auditions / callbacks / bookings):

This month I also published a blog post about getting started in the Entertainment Industry as an actor. If you're interested in delving in to this world of acting or are simply curious as to some things that it takes to be an actor, check it out!

The Month Ahead

February is my sister's and my birthday month!

And so we decided to launch a charity: water, Birthday Campaign!

charity: water is an incredible and innovative organization with private donors that cover their operational costs so that every penny that people like you and me donate can go directly to providing clean, safe drinking water to developing countries in need.

Every little bit counts! To donate to our campaign click here.

During February I also plan to keep honing my craft by continuing to train in many different aspects of my career:

Arami and I have currently signed up for a 2-day workshop on accents. This year I'm hoping to nail my British Dialect as I dream of doing period pieces.

I also plan on picking back up my archery classes & dance classes.

Aside from that I will continue to audition relentlessly!

Can't wait to check in next month with all my accomplishments and future projects.

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Los Angeles, CA

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