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Long Time No Blog...

Hello again!

My my how long it's been...

The last time time I wrote a blog we were in the middle of a pandemic.

That's over now.


Now I come at you in the middle of a SAG-AFTRA strike. Day 102 today to be exact. And hopefully not the middle. More like the near end? Who knows.

My time in Los Angeles has been a roller coaster to say the least.

There's been highs.

There's been lows.

Moving a few months before a shutdown was a bit of a momentum killer. I came out of the pandemic no longer being a "new face in town." Another wave of fresh faces had arrived.

But nonetheless there's been some wins along the way!

Since my last post - fittingly about the world of voice over - I booked two video game projects.

The first is the role of Sokorra on Playstation's Horizon Forbidden West.

The second is the recently released Starfield game where I voiced the characters of Rayna Marquez and Catherine Alvarez.

I also landed a small role in Hotel Transylvania 4 which was really exciting.

They actually ended up using my audition in the movie so don't underestimate the power of a strong home recording set-up.

I'll be posting an updated World of Voice Over with all the equipment I've upgraded to over the years.

Stay tuned for that!

Then there's also my voice in Spidey and His Amazing Friends as well as the new Tron ride in Orlando.

It's been a dream.

Now, between the pandemic and the strikes, there hasn't been a whole lot of action on the on-camera theatrical side. But we push forward.

I did just recently sign with a manager Lewk Management


I'm crossing finger this strike ends soon so we can all get back to work...

On another note, since my last blog post I also went deep into production work working as a production coordinator.

I've had the honor to work on some pretty amazing sets including coordinating projects for Disney, Hulu, ABC, FIFA & more.

I really enjoy working in production so here's to working my way up to producer in the future, and one day, Executive Producer.

Outside of entertainment, my sister and I have continued to grow our little Paraguayan side business, Guarani Boutique, where we sell components and sets to drink mate, such as mate cup, thermos, and mate straws.

Check out our website here: Guarani Boutique

On a more personal note, I got married this year! 💕

And that about sums up the last 2.5 years.

New blog posts coming soon.


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