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Stripped was quite the experience which began in the summer of 2013 with Shorts: On The Rocks, my first performance upon graduating AMDA. In Shorts, Distilled Theatre Company's Short Play Festival, three scenes of Stripped were being performed. My sister helped me dress the part for the audition and I landed my first role!



 In 2014, I participated in three Stripped workshops with playwright Tyler Grimes & other talented actors to continue developing the incredible story, plot & characters.

      Upon returning home from Mexico in October, I was contacted by one of the artistic directors of DTC to audition for Diana for the upcoming full length production of Stripped.

While I did my audition still having the lines memorized, I was still a bit nervous & was thrilled to book the role.

Stripped definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but along with our wonderful director, Victoria Flores, playwright Tyler Grimes and list of incredible actors, this was a show not to miss!

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