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"Another Opening, Another Show!"

Kiss Me, Kate never gets old.

After 10 days of rehearsal, it's OPENING NIGHT for The 64th Annual Video Games!!

The NYC cast spent all of week 1, Monday through Friday, learning an excessive amount of fight choreography & scene work, and Monday of this week, week 2, we were joined by the other half of the cast who flew in from Los Angeles - aka, the originals.

Our one and only tech rehearsal took place on Thursday, where we had a mere 3 hours to fix spacing, set all the lights and sound cues, and run the show beginning to end to ensure to the festival that we indeed run no more than 90 min - otherwise, we out. Tech rehearsals can tend to be rather tedious, but we have a great team and tech went rather smoothly.

I've spent the past two weeks doing massive Lady Yuna research, and by massive research I mean I've spent a large majority of my time outside of rehearsal playing Final Fantasy X. Unfortunately, 3max hrs of playing a day is not enough to finish FFX in a week, so I spoiled the rest of the incredible story of X & X2 for the benefit of understanding why some characters tell me things such as Tidus isn't real. He's real to me.

In addition to understanding the world of Lady Yuna, I've had to do massive research on the world of Zelda, Master Chief, Mega Man, Samus Aran and a few more, which has lead to fantastic and quite hilarious improvisation opportunity.

This experience has brought a wave of new friends to my life and I am beyond blessed to be part of this show. We've had a number of laughs each and everyday working on this show and we can't wait to share that with our audience, or as I should say, Console Members.

We're all about fun and games so if you'd like to come in Cosplay, PLEASE DO, this is the perfect place for that. Also make sure to have your phone charged as our fate literally lies in your vote on social media, ideally for Lady Yuna #VG11. Whether I'm in the show for 10 minutes or 90 depends entirely on the audience. May the odds be ever in our favor. :-)

All performances take place at The Clemente Theatre (107 Suffolk St). If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, make sure to do so here before they sell out!

Aug 13th 5:00pm Aug 15th 5:00pm Aug 16th 9:45pm Aug 18th 9:30pm Aug 20th 12:30pm


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Los Angeles, CA

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